The Florence of South

Are you going to plan your holidays in Lecce? If you stay at Kelina Charme Hotel, you will have the opportunity to reach the most beautiful cities of Salento, including the magnificent Lecce. Lecce is known as the “Florence of South”, one of the most beautiful cities of Salento. The birth of Lecce goes back to a period prior to the Roman one as the roots date back to the Messapian age.

Lecce, is one of the richest Mediterranean cities which offers tourists a historical and cultural panorama thanks to all its monuments and churches. There are a lot of beautiful places to visit, the churches are the attractions of tourists, especially for foreign ones.

The Cathedral of Lecce, located in the square of the same name, represents one of the most important attractions of Salento where many tourists of various nationalities visit it. In fact, the cathedral is dedicated to Maria Santissima Assunta.

Immediately afterwards you’ll find Piazza Sant’Oronzo, in its perimeter the whole history of the city of Lecce. The Roman era is witnessed by the remains of the Amphitheater which in the summer becomes the exceptional stage for artistic representations. Right next to the amphitheater you can see the statue of the patron of Lecce, Sant’Oronzo.

Behind Piazza Sant’Oronzo we find the Castle of Charles V, a typical defensive construction, born at the behest of King Charles V.

Other important monuments are the Basilica of Santa Croce, the church of Sant’Irene dei Teatini, Santa Chiara, the Church of Santi Niccolò and Cataldo (one of the oldest), etc.

The part dedicated to the “Military Architectures” we find the well-known Castle of Lecce already mentioned above, Porta Napoli, Porta Rudiae, Porta San Biagio, the Tower of Bello Luogo, Torre del Parco, etc. Between the Ancient Doors Porta San Marino was not mentioned, razed a long time ago.

Lecce is known not only for its historical and cultural beauty but also for other important factors such as the typical cuisine, where we recommend to try: Ciceri and Tria, Sagne ‘ncannulate with tomato, Turcinieddhi, the Pezzetti di cavallo (horses meat pieces with sauce), the Rustico leccese, the Pasticciotto leccese, the Fruttone etc.