Cellino San Marco

“Land of the best wines of Salento”

Splendid town of Salento, recognized as the city of wine, Cellino San Marco has always been a must for generations of buyers of grapes and musts who give life to vigorous and powerful wines. In fact, in the area you can find many known wineries such as Cantine Due Palme.

Cellino San Marco is also the land of the famous Italian singer-songwriter Albano Carrisi, a singer known throughout the world for his splendid songs.

It rises to the south of the province of Brindisi and the coat of arms represents an olive tree on the silver background and flanked by the letters C and L. In the last century the Cellino countryside was planted with olive groves of the quality defined “celino” by the Greek word that indicated the black color of the fruit; therefore the coat of arms depicts this type of olive tree. The area is also known for the production of extra virgin olive oil, in fact the area is rich in ancient olive trees and the vegetation that surrounds these giants of nature is made up of many wild flowers that in spring color white, red, yellow and orange all the Salento countryside. The name of Cellino San Marco therefore derives from the quality of the olives and the devotion to San Marco.

The surroundings…
Other places of interest that can be reached in about 30 minutes are: Oria, magnificent for the Castle of Frederick II and destination for many pilgrims for the Sanctuary of San Cosimo alla Macchia. Another important destination is the Sanctuary of Santa Lucia in Erchie, just a few minutes from Oria.

Just a few minutes from Kelina Hotel ****, you find the Abbey of Santa Maria di Cerrate, sculpted between the 11th and 12th centuries in white Lecce stone, embellished with refined frescoes and a thirteenth-century portico. The church stands in the center of a typical farm, once an Italian-Greek monastery, then a center of agricultural production specializing in the processing of olives, which were squeezed in traditional hypogeal oil mills.